Friday, July 9, 2010


Ok for most this is probable not a big deal but you need to understand that I am a creative scrapper and one with a lot of "mechandise". Scrapping had become an adventure in my scraproom. I was always in search of something I was sure I bought. Or better yet when I found it, I discovered I liked it so much I bought it twice. Creative Keepsake once had an article on the different scrapbooking styles and I fell into the category of "creative chaos". They said this style is the only style that cleans up to scrap and has 6 or 7 projects going at once. I chuckled and counted in my room that I actually had 11 projects in motion. My friend Christy, who is the Creative Director for New England Scrapbook, asked me in December what my New Year's resolution was and I flippantly said "to get organized". I never thought I would actually do it.

In the past I had made attempts at organization but I would buy organizational units that would solve a problem for a moment. I ran across the Scrap Rack and their organizational system which has now solved my problems. I won't go into all the details of their system but they have great suggestions on organizing all of your products including diecuts, stamps and punches so take a look at the suggestions on their website. It has been absolutely the best thing for me. The nice thing about their system is that it is a system and not an organization unit which you outgrow. You can add and subtract as your inventory changes. I can find items in less than a minute and I am using items that would have been buried in the past. It took 6 months, but I am scrapping stress free now. I included a couple of photos of my scraproom to give you an idea of the difference it makes. Unfortunately I did not take before and after pictures. Just imagine piles of paper a few inches thick across 2 banquet tables--trust me it was very ugly.


  1. Great post! Now I'm "itchin" to go clean up MY studio! HA! Love the blog layout too! It's so you...very stylish! :)

  2. Your scrap space looks great - I'm a chaos girl too!
    Love your blog - it looks tres chic!

  3. That looks amazing :) Id let u come do mine LOL! I have weekly challenges and I hope you can come play along sometime!