Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My First Blog

As you can tell I am a real novice at blogging, but here we go. I am off from vacation this week and spending time with the family and getting caught up on chores. We finally got the pool open and cleaned. Not a moment too soon since we are having a scorcher of a heat wave this week. I also managed to get some weeding in on the garden. Sadly enough the weeds go faster than I can weed :( Tomorrow, we are having a celebration with Mike's girlfriend for her graduation. She is on her way to University of New Haven and Mike has 8 months left to finish his electrician degree. It seems like only yesterday, I was on maternity leave with him. It is amazing how quickly time passes.

Of course, we can't let a day go by without some quality scrapp'n time. Here are a few layouts that I've been working on. The first layout is set for a barbecue if we ever get the grill fixed! The second layout is with one of Bo-Bunny's new line--terrific papers for teenage pictures. These were photos that Kristin took herself with my camera one night with her best friend, Margaret. I think she is going to be a better photographer than her Mom!

I also added music and a gallery of some of my scrapbook pages for your enjoyment.

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